World Hub is an international voice service and solutions provider since 2004.

Our partner base ranges from major telco, major carriers, mobile network operators, private route operators, calling card operators, resellers and ISP's whom benefit from competitive rates and an individual approach and highly responsive service and as to-date we are serving over 400 of them and growing.

With partners and associates all across the globe, World Hub offers long distance, IP Voice services to carriers, CLECs(competitive local exchange carriers), resellers, ISPs(internet service providers) and businesses.

We are terminating calls into International Gateway Carriers, local PSTN, and GSM networks. We support both traditional TDM (SS7 and PRI) and packet based (ITU H.323 and SIP) interconnects.

To start interconnecting with WHC is very easy and hassle free. A huge multi-national carrier or a small calling card provider will be satisfied with the prices and quality of service that WHC offers.