1) What is World Hub’s C-Cloud?

World Hub’s C-Cloud is a global hub incepted, researched and developed by World Hub to enable telco providers, especially mobile and fixed line providers to deliver telco services with alternative charging across the borders. By interconnecting to World Hub’s C-Cloud network, operators can get instant access to other operators who are on C-Cloud with ease, so that cross border reverse charging or collect services can be delivered instantly.


2) Why is there a need for Reverse Charging or World Hub’s C-Cloud?

Operators nowadays are struggling to contain the effects of eroding revenues (IDD and alike) due to the emergence of over-the-top services. Traditional IDD services were traditionally targeted towards the upper and mid tiers of the economic pyramid (middle to high income group). These segments of the market were the first to be cannibalized by the OTT phenomena.


The C-Cloud service allows operators to targets the lower tiers of the economic pyramid (also known as the BoP), allowing operators to make money from subscribers who do not have the means to pay for service based on their own economic ability. Coupled by the fact that cross border family ties are ever-so increasing due to talent, socio, and economic migration reasons, the C-Cloud service opens another huge opportunities for operators to monetize the BoP segments which was not targeted before.


3) How to Get Started with World Hub’s C-Cloud?

A SIP voice interconnection and an optional SS7/sigtran connection (for end user collection only) is all it takes to get started. For C-Cloud origination countries, a service turn up can be as short as a week so that operators can start making money immediately.


4) What Does a partner operator get when connected with C-Cloud?

· Leverage on World Hub’s patent-pending C-Cloud technology which previously was not available for cross border charging to prepaid mobile lines

· Absolutely No capital investment on C-Cloud hardware

· Ancillary marketing and coordination support by World Hub

· Access to commercial arrangements with other C-Cloud partner networks to save you time and effort for business arrangements

· Immediate boost in your IDD revenue


5) What kind of operators can leverage on World Hub’s C-Cloud

All operators, including mobile, fixed line, pay-phone, MVNOs, etc can benefit.


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