World Hub has been an international Voice and SMS services & solutions provider since 2004.

Our partners range from resellers and carriers to international telecommunications operators whom benefit from our competitive rates, individual approaches and highly responsive services. To-date, we are serving over 400 of them and growing.

With partners and associates all across the globe, we offers long distance, IP Voice services to carriers, CLECs (Competitive Local Exchange Carriers), resellers, ISPs (Internet Service Providers), A2P (Application-to-Person) & P2P (Person-to-Person) SMS terminations.

We terminate calls into international gateway carriers, local PSTN, and GSM networks. We support both traditional TDM (SS7 and PRI) and packet based (ITU H.323 and SIP) interconnection for Voice and SMPP or HTTP interconnection for SMS.

It is very easy and hassle free to interconnect with us. Small operators up to huge multi-national carriers are satisfied with the rates and quality of service that we are offering.

With the stringent requirement and high demand from partners throughout the globe, we deploy a system with Tier-1 high availability (R-HA) softswitches as the powerful work engine to switch our partner's traffic efficiently and reliably. In addition, World Hub's softswitches are fully compliant with the latest requirements for new generation networks to support various types of carrier-to-carrier interconnection technologies such as IP video switching, high definition voice, ENUM, SS7, ISDN, PRI, VoIP H.323 and VoIP SIP.

3 reasons why you should partner

World Hub

Our Team

Our dedicated and committed sales team is highly responsive, supportive and flexible. Just talk to them on your desired requirements, be it quality, buying, selling or swapping. Our 24/7 technical team is equally dedicated to ensure that your traffic run smoothly with round-the-clock quality assurance.


Our System & Innovating Services

Our Tier-1 switching, routing, support, monitoring and billing infrastructures provide better than average industry standard availability to support. Our in-house software and system engineers create proprietary functionalities to give extra-edge to your traffic and your business.

Our Global Reach

Our network reaches out to more than 150 countries. We provide incomparable service levels by implementing the best VoIP, TDM and SMS solutions. With our superior network management skills and advanced technologies, our partners get to enjoy the highest quality of service globally.

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